Fascia Re-Sculpting

Kuko Beauty Management Pte Ltd


Kuko Beauty M KUKO BEAUTY, Singapore’s First and ONLY Fascia Re-Sculpting. Invented and trademarked in Singapore. When it comes to the level of aesthetic treatments, it is important to be risk free.

What is Fascia Re-Sculpting?

Fascia Re-Sculpting is truly a revolutionary industry breakthrough and miracle. Exclusively researched & developed using TCM unique deep facial massage that blends the philosophy of meridians, acupuncture points and ‘chi’ coupled with the modern advance knowledge of muscular fascia. Without any invasive injections or surgery and with zero side effects, you will be able to enhance and stimulate self-healing that results in youthful beauty, contouring, pain & tension relief and achieve your desired beauty results such as (reduction/removal) Eye Bags, Dark Eye Circles, Tear Trough Lines, Marionette Lines, Droopy Eyelids, Double Chin, Saggy Cheekbone or Face, Lips incompetence, Facial Asymmetry, Eye Puffiness, Temporal Muscles Sunken, Forehead Sunken, Ageing and many more.

Health First Beauty Always, #KukoBeauty.


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