Kskin Pte Ltd


Kskin is a Korean Express Facial Salon that caters to both genders.

At an affordable price of $28, you will achieve visible results in only 15 minutes while ensuring quality is assured.

Customers are able to walk in at their convenience to enjoy their facial treatment as no prior appointment or booking is required. With our pay per visit model, cashless payment can be made at our self-serve payment kiosks before service, and there is no package selling involved.

Using our specially formulated, pharmaceutical grade proprietary solutions, coupled with the latest machines in skin care technology, the duration of the facial treatment only requires 15 minutes to ensure skin is refreshed, prepped, and glowing. The premium quality of skin care ingredients, paired with Kskin’s proprietary treatment efficiency, enable our customers to maximize time in the midst of their busy schedule to achieve their skincare goals without compromising results.


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