Hair Replacement Treatment

Yu Plus Solution Lab


For over 20 years, Yu Plus Hair & Scalp has brought the very latest, effective hair and scalp care treatments to both male and female clients all over the world. Our latest hair centre opened in Singapore in 2020. While the tools and techniques to fight hair loss have progressed remarkedly, at Yu Plus Hair & Scalp Centres, our conviction remain the same. Hair and scalp care that’s committed, holistic and makes a noticeable difference.

Our hair care consultants, trained by Yu Plus Hair & Scalp’s team of international trichologists, are experts in the specialised disciplines of the structure, function, pathology and therapy relating to the hair and scalp. Expertise has empowered Svenson to be a recognised authority in how to gain a healthy and lustrous head of hair.

Yu Plus Hair & Scalp combines the advantages of advanced diagnostics, cutting-edge technology, a wide range of proprietary hair care products and clinically proven anti-hair loss and hair care treatments. Clients are assured of a personalised hair care programme delivering a healthy hair and scalp, yet free from possible side effects arising from off-the-shelf medication.


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